A Studio in the Woods

Trees are everywhere around my studio. They reach towards the sky and seek the sunlight to open their canopies like giant umbrellas. Bending and twisting to get the best location to unfurl their leafy beauty. These trees have become part of my world when I am working in my studio, a quick glance out the window and I see my steadfast giant friends. There is comfort in knowing these trees are all around me.

My studio is small, very small, but I do not need a larger space. Most of the art I create starts out as an idea and quickly my hands feel the urge to make it real. Creating small hand bound books or journals is what I really love to do. Working with paper and cardboard reminds me of the connection I have with the trees, from the paper in my hand to the air that I breathe. When I need to take a walk and stretch or clear my head, I once again find that my trees are there along the winding walking path with me every step of the way.

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