The title for this blog, Type on Trees, was a collaboration of sorts. My Brother had suggested that I combine two areas of my life that I love. The first is Nature, specifically trees, and the second is Typography. Because these two things go together, it felt appropriate to join them to form the title, to start this blog.

Thanks for joining me


Hello, I’m Heather Beckwith and I am an Artist. I have always been interested in a variety of mediums, but my favorites are Typography, Book Binding, Printing, and Rubber Stamping.

I studied Advertising Design and graduated from Cazenovia College. While in college I became fascinated with fonts and after graduation I spent the next 11 years as a typographer and color theorist working for Gerber Scientific Products.

I knew that art and living a wholehearted creative life would always be part of who I am. I believe the process and courage it takes to make art, is magic, and my art and journey are uniquely mine. I hope my site, images, and experiences I share, inspire you to discover and enjoy all the artful beauty that makes your life authentic.


So, why do I create art? Because I can. I believe my art inspires curiosity and captures innovation. This allows me to express my fascination with producing small intricate precise details in a creative artistic creation. Through book binding, typography, and printmaking my individual style thrives to create a connection between artist and the recipient.